Causes Of Noise In Construction

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Title: the causes of noise pollution in construction work at bukit setiawangsa, kuala lumpur

Introduction Noise is an ‘unwanted sound’ that can be considered as environmental nuisance. Nowadays, noise from construction works is not a new thing. People had been acknowledge that construction works will cause disturbance in term of noise to them, but only temporary. Compared to other industry such as industrial industry or transportation industry, they will produce noise permanently, as long as they operating. But construction noise may cause some major disturbance whilst it last. Construction may be located at any place, moreover it can be placed in the middle of urban area that nears to school, hospital or any others. In this case, the construction is located at Bukit Setiawangsa near to shop houses and housing.

Problem statement Noises has become normal to people nowadays. These also include the noise of transportation, industrial, daily activities and others. People would not want to add another noise in their life. Therefore this construction noise will become a nuisance to surrounding area. Noises from construction might be temporary but it could be very loud. In order to minimize these noises, the source of that noise need to be found first. That is why this research will be conduct, to investigate about noise in construction and develop a strategy to reduce it.

Research aim and objectives

The aim of the study is to evaluate what are

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