Causes Of Overpopulation

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Do we have a population problem? Population growth is one of the biggest issues human beings can face despite where it is occurring in the world or where we are in the world. Overpopulation causes poverty, degradation of environment and depletion of natural resources. On the other hand, some says overpopulation is not the problem due to the fact that human creates technology and technology gives us advantages which makes us survive. This paper states that we are facing a population problem because of poverty, degradation of environment and immigration.

Overpopulation is one of the main keys that contributes to poverty. There are currently more than seven billion people living on Earth (Brathwaite&Mont,2009). If the number of population still increases, there would be more problems in the world because it can only produce limited amount of natural resources(Merrick,2002). At least one billion people have absolutely no access to sanitized water or a safe place to stay(Brathwaite&Mont,2009). Additionally, they are facing starvation (Charles, 1992). Poverty is basically we did not have enough water, food, place to live or medicine to cure us when we were sick. Poverty was, still is and will be one of the major problems in the world. The World Bank estimated that in 1998, more than one billion people lived on less that one dollar per day (Brathwaite&Mont,2009). For an example, in Africa, poverty problem is said to be resulted primarily “from a fast growth in population and
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