Causes Of Overpopulation In Pakistan

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We are living in 21 century and Pakistan is facing many current affairs such as overpopulation. Over population turned out be the most important problem that Pakistan currently faces. rural urban migration , Provincialism are a few more examples of from the list of problems Pakistan is facing.

Pakistan’s population has been rising with a steady speed over the years and has become the 6th most populated country in the world. There are a wide range of reasons for overpopulation. Mainly pakistans have a conception that Allah is the sustainer therefore why be skeptical/ hesitant in increasing the family size? Also related there is no family planning. A Pakistani whos income is less needs more helping hands in order to survive so they think more children means more earning hands. The main effect of over population is unemployment and its rate in Pakistan is 5.6% which is because it is impossible to provide jobs in such overpopulated countries. There is a high rate of inflation as there is more demand for goods due to more population which results in more prices and inflation in the country. Rate is 14.1% in Pakistan

Causes of Overpopulation:
Decline in the Death Rate: At the foundation of overpopulation is the distinction between the general birth rate and demise rate in populaces. In the event that the quantity of people conceived every year measures up to the quantity of people that bite the dust, at that point the population will balance out. Discussing

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