Why Is Plantation Life Difficult In The 1800s

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Wow! The previous plantation life was extremely difficult for the workers, in a variety of ways. The plantation life in the past, left most workers miserable because of many reasons. Plantation life was very difficult in Hawaii in the 1800s for the immigrant workers due to a variety of horrible living conditions. Another reason why plantation life was very difficult is because of harsh working conditions. Also, another reason why plantation life was very difficult is because of the ethnic segregation that the people faced. The plantation life was very rough, and difficult for the plantation workers in the past. One reason why plantation life in Hawaii in the 1800s was so difficult for the immigrant workers is because of the horrible living conditions. An example of the horrible living conditions is that the people “lived in crowded, unsanitary work camps” (Source 1). Another horrible living condition that they had was that the homes that they lived in “were on parched fields with little shade” (Source 1). Also, another horrible living condition is that they lived in miniature, 10-foot-square rooms. So, the people…show more content…
Although, the quality of the shelters that they were provided with were not too good because it was miniature, crowded, and completely unsanitary. You may also be told that it was easy because they only had one job, which was to work in the plantation fields. This may be true, but they were treated terribly with disrespect, and had tough working conditions. On the other hand, people may also say that it was easy because after worked, they were rewarded with money when they worked in the fields. However, they were being rewarded extremely small amounts of money and were completely unfair because some people had higher salaries than others due to their race. This information proves that plantation life was very
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