Causes Of Police Brutality

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Police brutality continues to increase across America. As it increases it is important that we as Americans ask ourselves why and what might be the causes of the increase in police brutality. Whether it be emotions or moral and ethical choices that play a role in the decisions that police officers make in certain situations, we can all say that police brutality is a problem that can be solved. In many situations most of the brutality can be preventable like in the situation where a handcuffed 14-year-old girl was punched in her face because she spat at an officer. Officer Soucherays’ excuse for punching the girl in her face not once but twice was that he did it as self defense. In the article Soucheray’s attorney, Peter Wold explained to The Washington Post “the punches weren’t a product of anger or rage, they were an appropriate use of force in a situation where he had to defend himself...He’s wedged in the back of the squad car with this belligerent screaming young woman that just clears her throat while he’s trying to help her and spits in his face.” He also goes on to say that even though the girl was young she could of had a disease or something that was wrong with her and when she spit in the police officer’s face that was assault. I understand that spitting at someone is disrespectful and is not right at all, but that does not mean that using force back at that person is any better. As people who are in an higher authority, police officers should be able to better

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