Causes Of Police Brutality In South Africa

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In the still from District 9 we are presented with two MNU guards enforcing eviction notices upon the Prawns. This medium shit allows us to clearly see the stand point of both the Prawn and the MNU guards; we are able to see helicopters as well as the entire district along with the infamous mother ship in the background. In the image on the right we see the police physically dealing with a man by means of a violent beating; both images display the theme of Police brutality. ‘’ Negligent police management, poor training, disrespect for law and order, criminal members within police ranks and blatant disregard for internal disciplinary procedures are the chief causes behind the scourge of police brutality gripping South Africa.’’(Graeme Hosken, In the case of District 9 the police are in fact not the ones enforcing their will it is rather the corporation known as MNU. They share many characteristics however with the current Policing management within South Africa, nepotism, i.e. the appointment of Wikus as task leader was quite ironic as his father-in-law who is the Director of MNU. We can see similarities within the current police force in South Africa, particularly with the Marikana massacre in which 34 miners were killed (Jane Duncan, This event called on the accountability of Riah Piyega the acting police commissioner. There are similar instances whereby the intentions of the police can be called into question, in District
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