Causes Of Politicization Of Religion

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1. Introduction

As we all are aware, our modern world is witnessing a tendency of politicization of religion. As religion is getting more and more serious space both among the politics and public, the politicization of religion has almost become a pervasive phenomenon in large part of the world. The thing is that politicization of religion enhance to political polarization, and as a consequence of that the religious manifests splits in to almost every corner of the world. When religion becomes a crucial dividing power in the social and political arenas, it can absolutely contribute to religious conflicts. As we know politicization of religion currently constitutes a major challenge to peace and security in many parts of the world. The rise
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The Causes of Politicization of Religion Sometimes the cause of politicization of religion is the growing anger by a certain religions or sects of religion as a result of oppression by the state or other religions. The persecution which is not only discriminatory; but also create physical as well as psychological ruthlessness, may produce anger and make the oppressed desperate for freedom (Grim, 2007, pp. 633-658). For example, in Nigeria in 2010. 12,000 people killed in a cycle of violence as a tumour of anger between Christians and Muslims stretching back more than a decade (Greene, 2010).
The other cause would be the minority-majority dilemma. Naturally, it is believed that the majority may oppress the minority with the intention of maintaining their faith as a prevailing faith. The minority, on the other hand, may revolt against the majority with the intention of conquering the power (Greene, 2010).
In addition, the growth of extremism is another cause of politicization of faith. In the process of radicalization, political factor supposed to be the direct factor. For example, in recent time the radicalization of Islam has been grown at an alarming rate; and various factors particularly politics is attributable to the growth of this radicalism (Lakshman, 2006, pp.
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The Danger of Politicizing Religion to Peace and Security

As a matter of fact, religion can have both deleterious and beneficial influence for individuals, society and the country at large. In equal footing with its importance for the peace of the world, particularly when it is politicizing, religion can be the cause for bigotry, xenophobia, prejudice and discrimination which bring about serious destruction for human being as a dignified creature which ultimately thwarts the world’s effort to bring peace and
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