EPA Pollution Essay

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Technology has increased a lot in the last century and this created inventions that changed the world as it was known the humans, but these inventions and the industry of these inventions did create new problems that humans never faced before. Because of this increase of pollution new problems came to humans, for example, human health problems such as heart problems, lung problems, and skin problems. One more bigger problem is the rise of the temperature because of the global warming which will increase the temperature in the earth’s atmosphere and then the temperature will start to melt the ice around the world which will increase the sea level and this will create a lot more bigger problems, and these are only some of the problems
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EPA is an agency that sits regulations to stop anyone from causing any damage to the environment, and can punish those who oversee their regulations, it was created by a law from the American congress, and it gave it the power to sit regulations and to punish by them, and these regulations are considered federal laws, so any breaking of the EPA regulations is considered a federal offence, one important thing that the EPA is trying to stop is the burning down of forests wither it is intentionally or unintentionally, but sadly it is not possible because the big fire can start from a very small fire, Almost 2 million acres of land — an area nearly the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined — are currently aflame, according to the September 14 daily report by the National Interagency Fire Center, especially because fire increase pollution and trees decrease it so by burning forests, there will be an increase in pollution and a decrease in the cleaning by the
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