Causes Of Pollution On The Natural Environment

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Pollution refers to the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment and causing great changes in the functioning of the environment. There are various forms of pollution. These include; air pollution, which is the release of chemicals in the atmosphere; light pollution, which refers to trespass by light; littering where people throw fabricated objects in the inappropriate places; noise pollution; soil pollution, and water pollution. Causes of pollution include motor vehicle emissions, oil refineries, coal fired power plants and chemical plants. Soil pollution is caused by heavy metals and noise pollution is caused by motor vehicles, which produce unwanted noise. Pollution mainly affects development of trees and other plants, human development and marine life with large extent.
Acid rain damages trees and destroys leaves of plants. This acid rain infiltrates the soil, thereby resulting to an environment not conducive for nutrition for crops or habitation. Industrial development in the country has boosted the volume of toxic gasses into the atmosphere destroying the ozone layer. This causes damage to trees and plants. Ozone in the atmosphere causes blockage of stomata thus preventing respiratory processes in the plants. This also affects photosynthesis in plants thus causing stunted plant growth. If the ozone enters the stomata, it can lead to decay of plant cells (Freedman, 1995). Water pollution affects the process of photosynthesis in aquatic plants. This

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