Causes Of Postpartum Depression

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Postpartum depression (PPD), interferes with daily living and can take a substantial toll on the physical and mental health of mother and child. An estimated 10-15% of young mothers reported feeling depressed within a year of giving birth and these women were likely less than high school educated, non-Hispanic black, unmarried, and covered by Medicaid for the delivery (Collins, Lin, and Garikapaty, 2011). Low-income women enrolled in state Medicaid programs may be at increased risk for developing postpartum depression, which can occur up to a year after giving birth ( Kozhimannil, Adams, Soumerai, Busch, & Huskamp, 2011). Wisner, Sit, McShea, Rizzo, Zoretich,… Hanusa (2013) suggests that many low income expectant mothers in the United States

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