Causes Of Poverty Among Students In Malaysia

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The meaning poverty is the purpose of the individual, family and group in the population can be said to be in poverty when they lack the resources to obtain the types of diet, participate in the activities and have the living conditions and facilities that indigenous communities they belong. Townsend (1979).The poverty among student in Malaysia has led to various problems and there are the solution to solve this problem.
The problem have been affected poverty among the student are students always short of money to spend. Almost students in Malaysia, especially those who studies at universities not enough money to spend. Sabri et al. (2008) state that from the bivariate analysis about the financial and Malaysia iniversity problem students revealed that the students were using the education funds for purposes in addition to their academic expenses. Most of them are uncertain about where money is spent either they bought unnecessary things or lent money to friends. Besides, Malaysiakini (2016) state that many of student who worked and some still working while they pursued their studies with National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans, and even then can not meet all their expenses. Worse, when they graduate it is another the cycle never ending of trying to make ends meet while attempting to pay back these loans. Therefore, students will short of the fund when they enter university and when most of the money they have eaten up by fees, especially at private

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