Causes Of Poverty In America Essay

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One of the biggest issues today in not only America, but the world is poverty. There are so many spectrums as to why poverty happens, and why someone ends up in that situation. There is no specific reason as to why it happens, nor is there a single solution to solving it. According to statistics from, almost half of all 3 billion people on Earth, live on less than $2.50 a day (Shah). People find themselves in this situation for a number of different reasons. Causes of someone being in poverty can be blamed on that person, while others are out of that person's power. Each person or family has their own personal reason for them being in the state of poverty. There is no way to try and define them all. But what are some of the most common reasons for someone finding themselves without a home? Three of the biggest reasons why poverty happens is because of lack of education, lack of affordable housing, and the extremely high costs of medical expenses. A major cause of poverty in America is due to lack of education. Many individuals simply do not have the money to attend college, and get the degree that is needed for them to get a job. Some…show more content…
If someone were to have a low paying job, being able to find income and assets to keep it can be very difficult to do so. Since that person or family has a low paying job as it is, and they’re spending it on a very costly house, that person will soon run out of money to be able to support their family. According to the website, families across the country would need to earn a “housing wage” of $15.37 an hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment at the average fair market rent. $15.37 is almost $4 more in minimum wage than the highest paying state (Shah). Washington DC’s minimum wage is $11.50, so as you can see it can become very easy to lose or not be able to afford your home since money is not coming in enough
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