Role Of Poverty In Developing Countries

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Essay about the poverty in developing countries.

Many people are affected by the poverty; it doesn’t matter in which nation you are living or your gender and your age. At least eighty percent of the world’s population lives where income differentials are widening as in the same country you can find different levels of people (Poverty Facts and Stats." - Global Issues. 7 Jan. 2013. Web. 19 Dec. 2015. .). Most of the developing countries suffer from poverty and the less of access to their basic needs. Poverty is a condition when the people’s basic needs as food, clothing, education, shelter and health care aren’t met. Most of the developing countries are affected by this phenomenon, over three billion of people live on less than 2.50 dollars
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One of the campaigns sponsoring this solution is CARE campaign which has an effective solution in empowering this solution (Top 10 Global Poverty Non-profits." 11 July 2014. Web. 19 Dec. 2015. .). It involves educating women as the World Bank reports that every extra year of secondary education for girls can increase their wages by 20 percent as we all know that education has a main role in raising our level and increasing our knowledge. CARE addresses the empowerment and education of women on topics such as economic development, gender equality and health so the will be aware of everything around them as the women are very effective in our community. It contributes to the alleviation of poverty in many different ways, the educated women are more likely to marry later and have fewer and more healthy children decreasing the probability of the overpopulation which is one of the main reasons and causes of poverty in the developing country and especially in Egypt (Mari Legagnoux. "CARE:Alleviating Poverty by Educating Women." Http:// CARE, United Nations, UNFPA, World Bank, 30 June 2014. Web. 19 Dec. 2015.). The education of the women increases their chances to having jobs and working and by this she will be able to help with the money of the family and in raising the financial level of the family. This will serve the problem of poverty well in Egypt as most of the people living in Upper Egypt are not well educated with the case of educating their girls despite how this girl will be in need for this education to increase her knowledge and help her in dealing with her children later on. They only think about letting her get married when she reaches her puberty age so she can get many children which at the end will affect our society negatively and will lead to the phenomenon of over

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