Causes Of Poverty In Hong Kong

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Poverty has been a serious issue in Hong Kong, according to South China Morning Post (Dec 12, 2014), “1.3 million HongKongers live in poverty, government says, but offer no solution.” The message telling that at least 19.6 per cent of Hong Kong city’s population can be classified as poor from now on. To be more specific, based on FEEDING HONG KONG, “1 in 5 people in lived in poverty; 40% of the Hong Kong population live in subsidized public housing; Hong Kong has highest income gap between the rich and the poor of any developed economy in the world.” The statement shown that the problem income gap and the poverty rate cannot be solved in a short period of time. Poverty will bring out different kinds of aftermath no matter to the society or the government, they are suffer a great effects from it. For example, criminal rate might be increased since the daily substances cannot be satisfied, which social harmony might be affected. Most of the sociologists believed that poverty is mainly the result of social forces, but Hong Kong people explain it as a result of personal inadequacies among the poor. Which there might be differences in thinking aspects. Eventually, most sociologists think that poverty cause by plenty of factors within the society, which they think in a level of macro-sociological while Hong Kong people determined that the reason of poverty as the poor themselves cause it out. By using symbolic interaction perspective,
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