Causes Of Poverty In India

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India’s government in the role of political instability and unequal opportunities is significant in the cause of poverty in India. When we take a quick glance at India, we see a country of growing wealth. India’s poverty has been a long going issue as their democracy continues to struggle with the corruption in politics. Even though India is advancing with their economic powers, the democratically elected government isn 't doing much to help with increasing poverty rates. In fact, high poverty rates are a direct result of political corruption in India. With the major factors like India’s political corruption, the ineffectiveness and corruption of government programs aiming to help poverty, and the influence of the caste system on India’s government is a critical cause for the high poverty rates in India.
When India gained their independence from Britain in 1947, the British power undermined India’s economy to a colonial state that led to a weakened economy in India. India’s Prime Minister, Nehru included the major decrease of salaries for public services with the influence from the British colonial administration. This resulted in many poorly paid public workers that encouraged them to take bribes as part of the salary structure. In fact, "the police and judiciary were ranked as the second and third most corrupt institutions in India, after political parties--have thwarted conviction, and arguably increased incentives for bribery. At least 42% of young Indians have paid a
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