Causes Of Poverty In India

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Poverty in India is looked as the main hindrance to the country’s growth. No matter how much our gross domestic product increases, poverty is still not decreasing. This is a much discussed topic throughout the country and around the world. Formulating all the five year plans and many other policies to decrease the poverty has yielded nothing. Rather, it has increased in recent times. Researches all over the world have tried to study what factors cause poverty in India. All writers came up with several reasons, some blaming it on unemployment and overpopulation, some on caste system etc. But poverty took shape under the British colonial rule. When most of the poor people were exploited and harassed by the British officials, treating them as good as slaves. Addition to that, famines and diseases caused widespread destruction. This led to the birth of poverty at a large scale in India. And now India’s poverty has only increased. According to an Oxford study, one third of the world’s poor people live in India.
Since the country’s independence the government has tried to work on this social issue. Many case studies have been conducted. Poverty is a state of living where one does not have enough money to feed them or cannot afford any shelter. Poverty is basically living one day at a time, not knowing what the next day has for you. It’s living in fear of death. For example, if you’re sick, you have no means to visit a doctor, or not having access to school and not knowing how
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