Essay On Poverty In The Arab World

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Poverty in the Arab World
Arab world consists of 22 countries out of which few countries are developed and the rest of countries are still under development. The developed countries have their own exports and they gain some good revenues that are helpful for the particular countries. Total population of the Arab world is over 280 million people which mean that the Arab world consists of 5% of the total population of the whole world. It is considered that the Arab countries are similar in their norms and values and they share same demographics, linguistics and society as well. Poverty is one of the major issues that the Arab world is going through and the major reason behind poverty is lack of opportunities, unemployment, lack of education and lack of economic growth. This paper will argue about the poverty in the Arab world and how is it possible to reduce poverty.
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Growing population in the Arab world is just causing uneducated young people who would live in a poverty cycle. Hani Fakhouri states in his blog that, “34% of young people between the ages of 20-25 years who are poverty-stricken didn 't attend school at all, while less than 1% of the rich children didn 't attend school. Furthermore, the report revealed that 97.9% of children of rich families graduated from high school and only 50% of the children in poor families completed high school” (Fakhouri). He further states, “The unemployment rates have reached 83% among young people between the ages of 15 and 29 years. This group constitutes 20% of the Egyptian population” (Fakhouri). It shows that population growth does not support economy and neither does play any role in development of country. More likely, it affects the economic conditions and the progress in development. Individual should be able to know that they should control birth rate if they cannot provide a better living and a good education to their

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