Causes Of Poverty In The Arab World

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Poverty in the Arab World Arab world consists of 22 countries out of which few countries are developed and the rest of countries are still under development. The developed countries have their own exports and they gain some good revenues that are helpful for the particular countries. Total population of the Arab world is over 280 million people which mean that the Arab world consists of 5% of the total population of the whole world. It is considered that the Arab countries are similar in their norms and values and they share same demographics, linguistics and society as well. Poverty is one of the major issues that the Arab world is going through and the major reason behind poverty is lack of opportunities, unemployment, lack of education and lack of economic growth. This paper will argue about the poverty in the Arab world and how is it possible to reduce poverty. According to a survey conducted by the UNDP, the Arab world as a whole is still fighting with the issue of poverty since it is a very major issue. Poverty is a subject that determines the life style and living standard of a group that is inclusive of food, clothes and shelter, etc. People in the Arab world are unable to live a quality life because most of the people do not have better living place, clean water, new clothes and good food. These are some basic needs of every person and the reason for unavailability of these sources is lack of attention by the governments operating in those Arab countries. One

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