Causes Of Poverty In The Philippines

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In a recent survey, it was estimated that the population of the Philippines is 102 million, most of those people have to face poverty every day. Migrants with low-paying jobs or without jobs are unable to afford housing or feed their families. In 2012, it was estimated that the extreme poverty in the Philippines was 19.2% (18.4 million people). Most of the poor people live in rural areas and work primarily in farming and agriculture. Lack of infrastructure prevents Philippines’ economy from growing .A country like the Philippines that is still developing also makes it hard for the government to provide basic needs like services in health, education and clean water supply. The population growth rate of the Philippines is 1.54% per year. Because of this, it prevents the country’s economy from growing and this makes poverty even worse due to the increase of population.

Lack of proper education is also one of the many causes of poverty in the Philippines. Uneducated people and they marry very early in life and have so many children that they can’t support. It’s a huge problem because these kind of families only earns a small amount of money. Some leave their children on the streets to make money for them, begging for others to give them money. The declining of poverty in the country has been slow, even slower than neighboring countries like: Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Food prices are increasing almost every year, this increases poverty because poor people can’t
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