Causes Of Poverty

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The study of chronic poverty in Indian context has attracted major attention in recent times. India is country housing major proportion of rural households, who are vulnerable and susceptible to poverty. There exists rich literature on the rural poverty and its causes within the Indian context. However, delving deeper in, chronic poverty and its relationship with migration has received much attention only in the recent times.
Chronic Poverty is a state of extreme poverty which makes it impossible for people to escape, given their lack of resources and assets. It is absolute poverty experienced for an extended period of time or even over a life course and is unable to satisfy his minimum requirement of food clothing or shelter(CPRC,2004). Chronic poverty is associated with greater vulnerability and harsher consequences because of the continuous depletion and erosion of assets and resources with longer time in poverty (Barrintoes,2007). The Chronic poverty reports, according to CPRC, suggest that close to 40% people in chronic poverty are in developing nations (CPRC2005). Therefore, chronically poor are those who are not able to meet their minimum subsistence needs, lack access to the hey productive assets and are highly dependent on public and/or private transfers(Devereux,2003). But chronic poverty is not limited to destitution, and includes people who are active in the labour market.
Chronic poverty is therefore a phenomenon that is permanent in nature, and prevails for

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