Causes Of Prosperity In The 1920s

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At the end of World War 1, there was many political, economical, and social ramifications that help set the stage of prosperity for America in the 1920s. At the home front during the war it led to many ramfications politically, economically, and socially. In prticular, it caused economic boom, increase in industrial production, higher job wages, and more women entering the work force. For instance, political ramifications that were develped during World War 1 was the use of bonds. These bonds helped finance the military government and other expenditures during time of war. Bonds were highly used in the United States during this time and financed up to five multibillion-dollar fedeal bonds during World War 1. By purchaing these bonds, it acted as a sign of patriotism. An excerpt decribes bonds, “Given such low rates of return, many Americans might well have avoided buying these bonds had it not been for a government propaganda campaign to drum up support for the American war effort. Wilson 's secretary of the treasury, William Gibbs McAdoo, dubbed the bond issues "Liberty Loans," and, engaging in one of the biggest federal advertising campaigns in U.S. history, he was able to capitalize on what he called ‘the profound impulse called patriotism.’ ”. Furthermore, World War 1 also called for economical ramifications. An…show more content…
Not to mention,World War 1 also caused social ramifications. Examples of this was women being taken into the work force and African Americans being able to join the military. During World War 1, women in America were able to take on the jobs men performed. Even women were able to join the military. Even though they did not perform tasks that men performed they became nurses and performed clerical work in the military. Another ramification was African Americans being able to join the military. Even at this time African Americans were segregated from the whites. Also, they couldn’t hold troops under them, that were considered
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