Causes Of Racial Discrimination In Kenya

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Case Study on Racial Discrimination in Kenya. Racial discrimination and its various forms are in very high in Kenya and in Africa in general. The right to be free from discrimination of any sort is a basic right that is protected by the Kenyan constitution. With this in mind, one would not expect there not to be any form of discrimination as you would easily be able to fight for it in court when violated but this is not the case. We still hear daily cases of how people get mistreated because of their skin color. The colonial days where a white man would abuse a black man apparently aren’t over. The reasons for discrimination in Kenya are the basically the same as those that cause it to persist in Africa. These reason include for instance poverty,superiority and inferiority complex, lack of confidence displayed by country leaders, and reduced seriousness of racial discrimination issues. Let’s take a closer look at the above few factors and specific cases of how they manifest racial discrimination in Kenya. Poverty. Poverty is not a new story in Africa and definitelysomething that most Kenyans are familiar with, afterall the largest slum in Africa, Kibera slums, is located in the countries capital city of Nairobi. Poverty has a way of making individuals lose their sense of self-worth and make the individual very susceptible to any form of abuse and discrimination. This fact is known and abused by some tourists that come to visit Kenya. According to some blog posts, poor

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