Causes Of Racism In America

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Background to the study: U.S.A has a population of 323.1 million people, distributed in the 50 different states covering wide lands of north America, Alaska in the North West, extending to Hawaii in the pacific ocean, major coast cities new York, and capital Washington, Chicago known for influential architecture, holly wood is known for film making. (wikipedia, 2018) Statement of the problem: As stated by (league, 2017) racism is the belief that characteristics and capabilities can be attributed by their skin color or religion and other kind of things. And it’s used as a weapon to encourage the hatred. Racism is found in different places such as North America, Australia, Middle East and East Asia. North America, Australia, Middle East and…show more content…
2. 2.literature review According to (Binham, 2018). The causes of racism are: 1. Selfishness Being selfish is easy for human, only thinking and caring about ourselves. If unselfishness and respect is taught racism wouldn’t even appear. (Binham, 2018) 2. Unfamiliarity: Unfamiliarity is one of the most important causes of racism if someone grew with people in their race and don’t have experienced other people race they will get it hard to not be racist. (Binham, 2018) 3. Stereotypes: Stereotypes is also a cause of racism. It occurs on the different social Medias like WhatsApp, and the effect it has on humans is it make them believe the false fact shared all around the social media. (Binham, 2018) 5. Upbringing: Parents may be a big cause for racism, if the parents were racist they will make the child follow their footsteps and be as racist as them because the parents are the leaders of the child and the child bad actions shows how bad his parents are. (Binham, 2018) 3. Analysis and…show more content…
Educate yourself and stay informed. Consider that racist stereotypes are largely rooted in ignorance. Confront ignorance with truth. Try to keep an open mind and step outside of your shell. Learn as much as you can about other races, languages, and cultures. Knowledge is power. • Read the news, and not just from a single source. Absorb as many perspectives as possible. Carefully consider the bias behind each source. 4. Students should be thought how to respect others and not to be racism and that racism leads to problems. 5. Support and attend events that celebrate different cultures. Most cities have cultural festivals and events. These events are a great place to learn about different cultures and interact with people from that culture .Invite your friends and family to go with you as well. Educating yourself and others is a way to have a more positive attitude towards people from different backgrounds. • Events are often held in accordance with larger celebrations such as Black History Month, Asian-Pacific Heritage American Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, etc. 6. The country should concentrate on having more companies like CWA to help in making children aware of race. 5.

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