Causes Of Radicalism In Education

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meaning and can offer a form of hope for those who are feeling stereotyped or bullied by the mainstream society. An elaborate plan to focus vulnerable inmate has to be put in place at the earliest. 23. Education. It has been evident that majority of the people getting radicalised are from the stratum of lower education barring few aberrations in southern states. Given the important role of schools and educational establishments in promoting the values of non-violence, peaceful coexistence and tolerance, emphasis on primary and secondary education in govt school not in religious institutions is the need of the hour. 24. Promoting Alliance of Civilisations and Inter-Cultural Dialogue. One of the main cause of radicalism is the lack of cultural knowledge and religious intolerance. Religious elders, education and religious institutes have to play a major role in promoting cultural knowledge and religious tolerance. 25. Tackling Economic and Social Inequalities. This is pertinent to those areas affected by LWE where people have felt marginalised and taken to radicalisation as a solution though futile. Both central and state govts have to look into this aspect at the earliest to combat LWE. 26. Legislation reforms. Indian laws to deal with terrorism are outdated and need urgent reforms/ legislation of new laws. There is a requirement of laws prohibiting hate speech, distribution of extremist literature and racism. Numerous loopholes add to the alarmingly slow legal
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