Causes Of Reckless Driving Essay

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Topic: Reckless Driving: A Tragic Tale Introduction The number of road accident victims have been increasing at an alarming rate, and rash driving has been recognized as a major health problem in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC). This can be partly attributed to the economical boom in the region that has given its youth a tremendous purchasing power and an opulent lifestyle. This can be further attributed to advancements in technologies and amenities. The new found luxurious lifestyle is also leading to a rise in reckless behavior, which also involves rash driving and a decreased law abiding attitude of the citizens (Bener & Kundall, 2005). 712 people were killed in road traffic accidents in 2014, as reported by the Ministry of Interior Statistics (Road Crashes Statistics Report, 2014). Reports have also suggested that road accidents are also making a dent in the economy. A study has suggested that a fatal road crash can alone cost close to USD 2 million ( Thus, there is an urgent need to ameliorate the problem of road accidents that is snatching away from youngsters a shot at successful lives. This essay talks about the human errors that lead to car crashes and how to come up with a justified solution to them. Causes Talking and texting using mobile phones diverts a large chunk of one’s attention away from driving. Even a split second delay in braking or changing the lane, especially when driving fast, can cause the ghastliest of accidents. An 18 %

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