Causes Of Reconstruction Dbq

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Once the Civil War ended, many people suffered from weaknesses. The war caused many problems, therefore, causing the need for Reconstruction. Reconstruction was used to fix the majority of problems that the Civil War caused. During Reconstruction, which occurred from 1865 to 1877, many people’s lives were impacted, especially African Americans because many were having to deal with political, economic, and social issues. A political perspective was that African Americans should be given more rights, a social perspective was to allow African Americans to have a normal life, while an economic perspective was that African Americans shouldn’t be allowed to connect with the government. More rights were wanted by the African Americans, which is a…show more content…
The KKK let a picture out to the world showing they didn’t want African Americans to vote and wished for them to have the littlest amount to vote. (Document C). The KKK didn’t like African Americans being able to vote because they believed they were not real people and that they didn’t deserve many rights. Freedman, African Americans, or mulattos that were not apart of the military service could not own or even keep a weapon and if caught with a weapon, they would get a fine and the weapon would be confiscated (Document D). The KKK benefited from those people not being able to have a weapon because it meant African American’s had less right, in which they counted for less of a real person. The Freedman's Bureau School Program allowed former slaves to get an education, after being emancipated (Document F). This program provided many things to African Americans including food, housing, medical aid, schooling, and even legal assistance. Northerners that packed up all their things and traveled to the South after the Civil War during Reconstruction were known as carpetbaggers (Document G). In the cartoon, Carl Schurz was the carpetbagger. The Fourteenth Amendment gave citizenship to African Americans, although some people thought they didn’t deserve the privileges they received (Document I). This case was the first United States court case interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment. The military districts made African Americans have very few rights. The government divided the South into five military districts (Document B). Each district was placed under military leadership and also new elections were held with voting only allowed by Congress approved
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