What Are The Causes Of Extinction Essay

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Literature Review 1. The first study about extinction is from C Michael Hogan – author. And it talks about the causes of extinction. And according to him, extinction is a part of the natural process of the ecosystem in the Earth. And since the modern man existed during the Holocene, the causes of extinction was dominated by human activities. Holocene is a geologic epoch within the Neogene period about 11,000 years ago to the present and it is the age of man. And since Holocene epoch the rate of extinction increased until this time it is getting higher and higher. The primary cause of human-induced extinction events is simply human overpopulation of our planet Earth. The most activities of human that causes extinction is habitat destruction,…show more content…
And the fossils they found suggest that there have been five mass extinction passed in the Earth’s history. And the most well-known mass extinction is the Cretaceous the tertiary mass extinction and this is resulted in the disappearance of the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago. And if the extinction is part of natural event, why are we concerned about it now? Because the rate of extinction is higher that the natural rate that does not allow the ecosystem to recover or other species to occupy the vacant niches. And it is also because the primary cause of extinction is the human kind that is abusing the nature.
Causes of extinction, there is no single factor that causes extinction. Some of the species are gradually decreased because of their thousands of years existence is they are not competed with the other species. And the most common cause of extinction is the degradation and the loss of habitat. In New Zealand the most common threat is the introduction of alien animals to their environment. And the other factors are the diseases, the pollution, overexploitation and the climate change. Species may become extinct due to one of these factors or a combination of two or more of

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