Passive Resistance Holocaust

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Sounds of Resistance
In 1939, WWII began when the Nazi Party invaded Poland, cousin six to nine million Jewish people to fear there live, this fear began when all citizens had to register with the government and the Jews had to wear the star of David. Second, the Jews were forced into ghettos. Third, they were in concentration and death camps. “The Diary of Anne Frank” violins of hope, “ Resistance during the Holocaust.” We see different ways of active and passive resisting Nazi atrocities. People can best respond of conflict by passive because maintain hope to ensure the survival in a less violent way, it was the only possible form of resistance, preserve the Jewish cultural tradition and identity. First, passive resistance help maintain hope to ensure the survival in less violent ways. During that terrible time, Jews believed that being obedient and following the rules is a way of survival. Hope was still adhering to order and following rules as well as trusting
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Regardless of all the difficulties jews encountered, they managed to keep their tradition alive to ensure hope and emphasis determination. In cultural and spiritual Resistance, “ for most Jews acts of cultural and spiritual resistance were the only possible means to oppose Nazi tyranny. Such acts undermined Nazi power and inspired Jewish hope,” #5. Sacrifices were high and risks were taken to maintain the customs and rituals alive. Some may say, however, to keep the culture, ore needs to live with dignity not in shame or misery. I would say to them that sawing culture is sawing peoples heritage, sawing their souls, and paving the future. It takes so much reilence to elevate above desperation and segain hope and life. In “ Violins of Hope,” Gvy Raz said that every time a violin is played is a victory of Jews over the Nazi. Preserve Jewish culture was one of the most effective ways to resist
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