Causes Of Road Safety

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1.0 Introduction Drive Safe means an expression used to advise a departing person to be careful while driving (Idiom dictionary, 2002). Nowadays, people can’t live without a car and a family mostly have a car use in their daily life. However, the car uses increase and some of the people lack drive safely knowledge will cause the accident occur. According to the accident and fatality statistic in Malaysia, the road accidents increased year by year, there are from 373,071 cases in 2008 increase to 462,423 cases in 2012. There are some factors caused the accident occur which is the drunk drive, over speed, non-compliance with traffic rules, bad driving habits, equipment failure, improper turn and other factors. The car accidents have brought a lot of effect to the people such as the fatality, injured, paralysis, coma, physical and financial effect and so on. Therefore, we need to promote the safety knowledge to the people in order to decrease the car accident from many ways such as corporate with the government, social media, private company and education (school, college and university). At below, I will discuss the causes of the car accident and how to promote the drive safe among the road users. 2.0 Causes of Car Accident Before promoting the drive safe among road users, we need to understand the cases of the car accident among the road users. 1. Distracted Driving The main cause of the car accident is distracted driving. Distracted driving has included talking on a
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