Causes Of Romeo And Juliet's Death

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In the play Romeo and Juliet Romeo is to blame for his and Juliet 's death. This is shown first in the play when Romeo kills Tyblalt, In the play Romeo says " Tybalt the reason i have to love thee doth much excuse the appertaing rage to such a greeting villain am i none" act three scene 1 lines 55-60. This causes Tybalt to become angry because he he doesn 't know that Romeo is married to Juliet. This shows Romeo at fault because he should not have been in such a loving mood towards someone who hates him ,and doesn 't yet know that they are related now. This is all pinned on Romeo and Juliet 's death because it causes a fight which the prince said would lead to death which shows that Romeo did not think out his actions. This ties Romeo…show more content…
This shows that he can be directly linked back to his and Juliet 's death. This is because he decides to leave Mantua before Friar Lawrence tells him that it is safe to leave this effects him because he is acting without thinking. He is acting with out thinking cause he is not sure when he eaves if Juliet is dead because he didn 't see her. This is also showing that he doesn 't think which leads to her death because he decides to buy poison to kill him self when he has only know Juliet for about 2 days so it would have ben easier to move on if he just cleared his mind even if she was dead before he killed himself. Then in a final place he shows that he didn 't think before he acts this is when he talks to Balthasar he says " Then idefy you stars thou knowst my lodging" Act five scene 1 lines 24-29. This shows that he doesn 't think before he acts because Balthasar told him just wait a little before you go to see Juliet maybe everything will turn out fine. This shows that he disobeyed two people and went to kill himself when if he had listened to Balthasar and waited friar john would get there and tell him what is going on. This shows that no one but Romeo can be blamed because he constantly made actions that ended up killing him
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