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I do believe that social media has made violence among teenagers in our schools popular since technology is at its highest more now than before. It is just a click away for entertainment and other reasons whether positive or negative. School violence is a major social problem throughout the world and more so right here in our schools. According to the Centre for the Prevention of School Violence “School Violence” is “any behaviour that violates a school’s educational mission or climate of respect or jeopardizes the intent of the school to be free of aggression against persons or property, drugs, weapons, disruption and disorder.” School violence according to CDC is “a subset of youth violence but a broader public health problem.” This violence uses physical force or power against another person, or group with the intent to cause physical or psychological harm.” School violence normally takes place on the compound of the school, to and from school, or at a school event outside the schools.
School Violence can stem from differences in teenagers, backgrounds, culture and even communities. Teenagers often times gravitate towards people of their kinds and see others as enemies or
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Social Media is equally responsible for violence in children since the varying forms of social media boosts the violence among them. The existence of Facebook publicly in 2006 has tremendously influence violence among teenagers. Social media is the most common activity of children and adolescent presently, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube you name it. Violence in school has been a mirror image of the level of crime in society right here in Trinidad and Tobago. In erstwhile years, Trinidad and Tobago was a crime free country, a heaven where crime was not a

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