Causes Of School Violence In Secondary School

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Chapter 1-Introduction School violence in the secondary school system has been on the increase over the last fifteen years from gang activity, attack with a weapon, rape, larceny, bullying, kidnapping to the worst case scenario of murder allegedly committed by students. The criminal behaviour of secondary school behaviour in Trinidad and Tobago concerning school violence is grabbing everyone’s attention and is being spoken about regularly in a negative manner like there is no hope. This is of major concern to parents, teachers, business community and the government in working to find solutions to this problem which will get worse. There have been many reasons suggested for the violence exhibited by students. It ranges from the following: 1. Breakdown in moral and values in society, 2. Witnessing violence in their home, community or media 3. Negative peer pressure and rejection from peers, 4. Depression and anxiety 5. Lack of support from teachers and lack of proper counselling at school and 6. The relaxation of adequate punishment systems for children, from an early age, Therefore by understanding the root causes, strategies can be implemented to mitigate the upsurge in school violence. The children are the future, therefore all stakeholders mist continue to work together to solve school violence. 1.1-Problem Statement School violence is a major problem to schools in Trinidad and Tobago. School violence activities can create a disturbance in an education institution/

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