Essay On Sectional Tensions

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As the foundations of a successful government system, political parties help keep balance of power and uphold the Democratic ideals of the United States. These parties have origins that can trace back to the early sectional tensions in America. These sectional tensions were the primary reasons for the development and progression of political parties in the United States. As early as 1800, signs of deviation would appear. Following Jackson’s election into office and the consequent overturn of an entire political party, his Democratic-Republicans could not build a loyal following. Opposition to the rival party, the Federalists, was the source of Democratic-Republican unity, and once the former faded, so did the latter. The Louisiana Purchase was a pivotal turn of events that contributed to sectionalism. Upon acquiring so much land, America was faced with the issue of how to purpose it. These frontier states were ravaged with land exhaustion, and planters continuously moved out west for more land to cultivate. This was the period of American Industrialism, and …show more content…

Jackson’s Democratic-Republicans were renamed simply “Democrats”. On the other side were the Whigs who despised Jackson. They came to prominence through a coalescence of Jackson’s enemies: American System supporters, northern industrialists, and the Anti-Masonic, an Anti-Jackson Party. Sectional tensions have, for better or for worse, dramatically shaped the development of political parties in the United States. As a testament to the soundness of these parties, they are still active today in the forms of Democrats and Republicans, very much true in practice to what they were founded for. Sectionalism was a driving force in the evolution of the nation, but it developed in a cogent and cohesive manner, leaving a detailed connection to its roots and sectional tensions are primarily responsible for the succession of political

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