Sexual Assault Causes

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First and foremost, sexual assault can be defined as being physically forced to engage unwillingly or non-consensually in sexual activities. According to South Africa's constitution everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect. Moreover it ranges in its forms between two categories, namely: penetrative and non-penetrative sexual assault. Common sexual assault among pupils is rape, groping, torturing done sexually, innappropriate fondling, harrassment and being forced to watch pornographic material. Sexual assault amongst learners in South African schools is escalating despite the measures placed by the Department of Education to solve these cases. According to newspaper reports between 1999 to 2004, female sexual assaults posed as a problematic issue in South African schools. Females whom were raped were above 30%. In addition, (Harbour, 2010) research conducted in 2010 by the Human Sciences Research Council has shown that 34% of pupils have endured sexual assualts from their peers at school. Therefore sexual assault can be seen as a problematic issue in schools.

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