Causes Of Shay's Rebellion After The American Revolution Dbq

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Shayś Rebellious Ways Shay and his followers were a group of farmers out to no good. After the American revolution, the US was without money, so they raised taxes. Farmers who couldn 't pay were thrown in jail so a rebellion started. Shay and about 1,500 farmers stole weapons and fought. Some people say that the people in Shay 's Rebellion were freedom fighters, nevertheless Shay and his followers were rebels because they protested violently, caused chaos in the country, and were criminals. To begin with, Shay would not peacefully protest, but instead he would use violence to be heard. According to Abigail Adams in Document B, Shay and other farmers started ¨riots in my home state.¨ (Document B, Abigail Adams) Abigail had lived in Massachusetts during the time of Shayś Rebellion, and she could see firsthand the riots the farmers had caused with their riots, and the aftermath of that display of violence. She would then go on to say that the protesting had one on to such a degree that the courts have been shut down in several countries.¨ (Document B, Abigail Adams) This evidence shows that Shay…show more content…
Additionally, Shay and other farmers caused chaos in the country. For example, Thomas Jefferson had sstated in Document C, that anarchy exists ¨in the single instance of Shayś Rebellion.¨ (Document C, Thomas Jefferson) In other words, Shay and his followers were the only cause of any disorder in the US. Not only did Thomas Jefferson see the mayhem Shayś Rebellion had caused, but Abigail Adams could see it too. According to Document B, Shay and his followers were described as a ¨mob of rebels wants to weaken the foundation of our country, and destroy the whole fabric of our nation.¨ (Document B, Abigail Adams) Shayś Rebellion was motivated by a desire to destroy the country and consequently, chaos ensued. By trying to destroy the country and replace it with disorder and mayhem, this proves Shay and the farmers to be rebels because only rebels wish to tear the country
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