Causes Of Ship Collision

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Fernandez, John Vincent U. MT32-B2 Topic: 2012 Lamma Island ferry collision Viewpoint When there’s a ship collision, there’s so many effect in our environment especially in marine environment and to the people. Collision can be cause by human error or the ship itself. Risk of collision can be deemed to exist if the distance of any vessel is reducing and her compass bearing is not changing. So there’s a rules and regulations that can be followed or use to prevent risk of collision. The International Regulation for preventing collision at Sea 1972 or COLRegs is the rule that need to be followed or complied with in preventing ship collision. Like in Rule 7: Risk of Collision, vessels must use all available means to determined the risk of collision, including the use of radar to get early warning of the risk of collision. We should also need to maintain a proper lookout to prevent risk of collision. Human error is the number one cause of ship collision. Ship collision have many impact to marine environment, marine life, people and the economy. There are many reasons why collision occur on ship. For example, the poor ability to navigate the ship like the poor using of ship equipment like radar and the poor maintaining a proper lookout. Reasons for ship collision is the poor ability to navigate the ship, if you are not maintaining a proper lookout can lead to accidents and can also lead to death. A ship collision may lead to any sort of major

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