Causes Of Slavery

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About 4 million African Americans died after being captured in Africa. The whites thought they had authority over the blacks and they made sure they knew it by killing blacks and treating as if they weren 't people but things. Blacks and whites are equal and so over time slavery was no more but it 's still bad that there was slavery in the first place.There 's various reasons of why slavery is bad each as bad as the next. Slaves were African Americans that were captured so that they could be actioned of and sold as a slave. Slavery is bad because it is an abuse of blacks.Slaves owners would abuse their slaves by beating them when they did something wrong, or sometimes even starve them.
My first reason of why slavery is bad is because whites would say that the blacks were horrible people when they were the ones that would kill the blacks for protecting themselves. Whites would go parading on African Americans homes killing and kidnapping anyone they could, so that they could sell them for work and the blacks were hardly able to fight back while whites would be saying that there the monsters.The reason that I chose this to write is because it proves that while the blacks were getting beat to death by whites the whites thought the blacks were the awful human beings.Another example of why the whites were wrong about who was wrong is that the whites killed the blacks but didn 't get thrown in jail because if they had then people would start to think that the person
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