Why Was Slavery Bad

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About 4 million African Americans died after being captured in Africa. The whites thought they had authority over the blacks and they made sure they knew it by killing blacks and treating as if they weren 't people but things. Blacks and whites are equal and so over time slavery was no more but it 's still bad that there was slavery in the first place.There 's various reasons of why slavery is bad each as bad as the next. Slaves were African Americans that were captured so that they could be actioned of and sold as a slave. Slavery is bad because it is an abuse of blacks.Slaves owners would abuse their slaves by beating them when they did something wrong, or sometimes even starve them.
My first reason of why slavery is bad is because whites would say that the blacks were horrible people when they were the ones
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This means that the whites would often kill blacks families leaving kids as orphans or women as widows. This is awful because with women alone as widows they have no one to protect them and kids without parents means that no one can teach them to respect whites so they would get hurt. If the whites had not seen that blacks are just as good as them then this would still be happening today, this means that whites could still possibly be allowed to kill or have slaves. If the whites still had slaves today than I could imagine that we would always have slaves. This would be awful because this would leave the world in more cause than it already is. It is amazing that the world made segregation laws so that whites and blacks would come into a state of harmony. The last reason of great importance is simply that if whites and blacks didn 't come together than we would never have had the chance to see how great each others company
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