Causes Of Social And Economic Changes In Europe

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Rachna Shah

The proceedings of New World exploration and colonization did not occur on their own—instead, within Europe, a myriad of social, economic, and political changes once combined together, prompted such a journey to be undertaken by many. The social changes include the Protestant revolution, which encouraged colonization of the New World, and the Renaissance movement. Economic changes were the rise of mercantilism throughout European nations and newfound technology rooting from the Scientific Revolution. Political changes were mainly the rise of nation states. All of these changes, when combined, encouraged individuals throughout Europe to seek out territory and to explore throughout New World territories. Social hierarchies were passed down from generation to generation throughout Europe; the concept of the first-born son inheriting all his father’s property was a common belief, expected to occur. Therefore, younger sons were less likely to inherit any wealth at all; the idea of claiming land in the New World, extracting precious metals from the colonies was an attractive belief. It was the only way that they would make a respectable name for themselves back in Europe. Another social cause was religious reasons; The Protestant Reformation was a religious reform movement throughout Europe, that, when it ended, people started to have different religious ideas; the schism between the Roman Catholic and the Protestant Church caused that. Therefore,
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