Causes Of Social Media Essay

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Arnav Singh Ms. Belme ELA, Period#1 2 May 2017 Social Media - An Evil Source `Social media is making society less social due the way it is being used by the people to interact with the surroundings, connecting society more with the digital world making them unaware of the moments around them. Society is being increasingly separated from each other because of erroneous sense of connection. Nowadays, we can notice families sitting physically together on the dinner table but with their mind and eyes on either devices. Sense of communication is taking a U-turn as people like to express their feelings through text messages. Increasing use of social media among children has a negative effect on their relationships and behaviour because of their deep interaction in social media. Even though social media is very advance, it can’t replace real communication because technology can’t afford to get a substitute for real feelings and gestures used in a face-to-face conversation but its increasing use in the society is tending to prove this statement wrong. Emotions and feelings have been altered into emoticons that are incompetent of demonstrating the whole bunch of emotions. According to, We live in a world where we always communicate and we have sacrificed conversation for mere connection as E-mail, Twitter, Facebook all of these have their places in politics, commerce, romance and friendship. It does not matter how valuable they are, they can never replace
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