An Evil Source: Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Arnav Singh
Ms. Belme
ELA, Period#1
2 May 2017
Social Media - An Evil Source
`Social media is making society less social due the way it is being used by the people to interact with the surroundings, connecting society more with the digital world making them unaware of the moments around them. Society is being increasingly separated from each other because of erroneous sense of connection. Nowadays, we can notice families sitting physically together on the dinner table but with their mind and eyes on either devices. Sense of communication is taking a U-turn as people like to express their feelings through text messages. Increasing use of social media among children has a negative effect on their relationships and behaviour because of their deep
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making them less social in society as they are addicted to their phone which is affecting their general attitude and student life. It is claimed by, teenagers are more at risk of developing narcissistic tendencies, language difficulties, psychological disorders and antisocial behavior due to prolonged use of technology. Besides, teenagers are facing unheralded health troubles like sleep deprivation and desolation because of offering unrequired heed to social networking sites. For example in one instance, teenagers experience cyberbullying that results in a change in the way they react in the surroundings and lose self-esteem. This is resulting in children being less social and active in society with less knowledge of outdoor sports and news with more participation in useless comments and selfies posted on sites. Social networking sites often encourage children to be self-obsessed beings who are constantly craving attention, as stated by…show more content…
But I think that social media has more bad influences as it is making society less social by connecting people more with virtual world with unexpected change in attitude and it is acting as a drug which is making people to lose their basic social skills by not interacting with real world relationships. It is referred by that empathy dispensed in virtual world, is only one-sixth as effective in making someone feel socially supported compared to real world as a hug feels six times more encouraging than an emoji. It is stated many people that social media is acting an ideal vehicle, a road for requesting and providing assist during need but rather than connecting society, it is leading to many issues that can reverse the situation. For example, posting certain personal claims on social networking sites has led to many national and international conflicts among
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