Suicide In Kazakhstan

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An investigation into the reasons for the raise of the suicide rate in Kazakhstan


These days, we often see variety of accidents, which are happening in the world from TV or from another sources, listed internet, social networking sites. In addition, these accidents are usually connected with suicide. Suicide is generally explained as an ending of your own life, usually it is an escape from pain or suffering1. This following research will make an effort to find out causes of the increase of the suicide rate in Kazakhstan during the last decade.

There are several reasons why I have chosen this kind of topic. When I first saw the news about Kazakhstan’s position in the world by suicide rate, I was wondered, because Kazakhstan
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There are several reasons for making suicide, which are familiar to us. For instance, stressful life issues, listed financial or relationship problems. According to the French sociologist, social psychologist and philosopher Emile Durkheim, there are four types of suicide. The first type is known as Egoistic suicide. Typically, it can be appeared when the degree of integration is low. It means that person has shortage of support in a social group. The second type is called Altruistic suicide. It usually appears when person has a high social integration in a group. For instance, they only care about group's goal and problems and they stops thinking about their own goals and needs. Other type of the suicide is Anomic suicide. This kind of suicide can be caused by the low degree of regulation. It is committed during the great stress and change, therefore without regulation they cannot set achievable goals, consequently, people get frustrated. It gets harder to control their own life and life becomes meaningless to them. The final type of the suicide is Fatalistic suicide, which can be committed when people are under tight regulation. For example, when their lives under extreme rules and high expectations. In addition, it seems to them that they have lost their sense of self. Furthermore, there are perspectives regarding suicide. As an example we can take some…show more content…
In addition, the Director of the Science and Researh Center Molodezh(Youth) Zhanar Bukanova said that Kazakhstan and Turkey have the highest rate of suicide among 15 and 19 year old in the world. Additionally, as reported by the UNICEF and the World Health Organization data in 2012 and 2013, Kazakhstan was in second place and first place for suicide among teenager boys and teenager girls respectively. Concerning to the death rate among 10-14 years old boys and girls, Kazakhstan was in the first place. World Health
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