Causes Of Suicide In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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he definition of suicide is, “the act or an instance of taking one's own life voluntarily and intentionally especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind.” Suicide is such a horrible thing. Many feel as if that is the only solution and it is not. If people were just accepted for who they are and what they enjoy, there would be less amounts of suicide in the world. One way Romeo and Juliet’s suicide could have been prevented is if the parents would have look aside from the family issues and accepted their children’s feelings. There comes a time where your loved ones happiness has to come before your own beliefs and selfishness. Today’s society is so selfish and puts themselves before everyone else so they don’t care about how others feel, they care about their own happiness. Put yourself in the children’s situation.…show more content…
Holding grudges against each other is definitely not the answer and grudges are one of the problems in today’s society. Everyone holds grudges against each other and doesn’t try to overcome their problems. Grudges cause many problem, they can cause fights, suicide, etc. Holding grudges will get you nowhere. A third way the two’s suicide could have been prevented is if there was no harassment them. If they would have just gone on with their business instead of worrying so much about if the two were dating, then there wouldn’t have been any chaos. Everyone deserves to be happy. No one should be judged for whatever makes them happy. If they were to accept Romeo and Juliet, they wouldn’t have even contemplated suicide. They would have felt accepted. The parents and community should have done that from the first place. Acceptance and forgiveness is something today’s society really needs to

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