Causes Of Syrian Refugees

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In order to survive war torn areas, such as the Middle East and Africa, millions of people fled towards countries in Europe in order to find safety. At first many countries where open to helping however with the growing amount of refugees and the increase of terrorism many countries are letting fewer numbers of refuges in. Turkey has the highest amount of Syrian refugees, 2.4 million. Europe states that they are close to their limit. With nearly 50 million children being refuges and very scarce there is a growing concern about the refuges futures. • Right to food- Everyday refugees are facing the constant struggle of the lack of basic necessities such as food, water and shelter. Even though many organisations are collecting food and sending it to those in need, it is not enough and now 1.7 million Syrian refugees are facing a food crisis. • Right to asylum- The right to asylum is that if you are being badly treated in your own country and you are frightened you have the right to flee from your county in order to be safe. Many refugees are not being allowed into countries as they are being labelled as terrorists and many are not able to even leave their countries. • Right to life- All of the refugees come from worn torn countries and are leaving in order to be safe and get a better life for them and their families. However many don’t get the chance to leave and are killed during the war, many don’t make it pass the boarder and are brutally killed. Many refugees die on the

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