Causes Of Teen Depression

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Why Are So Many Teens Depressed? Depression is very common in teens, as a matter of fact, most teenagers in this generation are depressed, mainly because of the stress from school or at home, sadness, bullying like name calling and body shaming, and more. Moreover, depression can affect how teens think or behave which results to emotional and physical problems. Teens can be an introvert, have anger issues, have anxiety, frequent mood swings and be bipolar. People surrounding a depressed person have a huge influence on how the victim could cope up with the situation, some people tend to have high expectations and sometimes they would pressure the victim, which can make the victim even more depressed. Though, depression can also be the effect of puberty, such as hormonal changes and such. Peer pressure and parents/teachers forcing the teen to have higher grades causes stress in general and adds up to cause depression. Having a rough or traumatic childhood can also cause depression, such as physical and verbal abuse from a parent or someone close to the victim. Depressed teens feel like they 're lonely and no one understands them. Depression can be deadly because the victim can think about suicide and self-harm like cutting (Mental Health America). Unfortunately, when teens feel depressed, they consider ending their life. Each year, hundreds and thousands of teens kill themselves the cause of depression, as a result depression is one of the main causes of death among
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