Causes Of Teen Suicide

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Every night teenagers have reoccurring thoughts of stopping their own heartbeat, and it’s disregarded enough to actually occur (Kids Health, page 1). Rates of endeavored and fulfilled youth suicide in Western culture and other countries are elevated. Suicide rates in youths have just about tripled between the 1960s and 1980s. (Kids Health, page 1) For instance, in Australia suicide is second only to motor vehicle misfortunes as it primary root of death for people aged 15–25, and according to the National Institute for Mental Health, suicide is the third most important origin of death amongst young adults in the United States. In India, one-third of suicides are youthful people in 2002, 154,000 teen suicides were recorded in India. (Teen problems…show more content…
Domestic life can be an extremely transforming to opinions on suicide to the teenage youth community. In a journal article this fact was found “Many teenagers feel trapped and powerless from domestic abuse and thus believe that suicide is the only way out” (World mental health, Elsevier’s Research page.2). This quote essentially means those teenagers who experience effects such as being beaten at home or harmed are more likely to have suicidal thoughts and perhaps even go through with it. With this information it is able to be extracted that teenagers experiencing trouble at home are the ones who have additional suicidal thoughts, thus showing how domestic house hold connects to suicide. Another reason this is true is based on the fact gained from “Why Suicide?” book which stated “39% of all youth suicides are completed by young people who have lost someone of influence or significance for them to think about or commit suicide”(Why suicide, page 48). This quote from “Why Suicide?” reveals to the readers that almost 40% of suicides caused at a youth age are because a significant family member has passed away. With this information it can be detained that a teen is more likely to commit suicide, if a stir in their domestic life occurs from a family member passing away. Overall it can be shown that domestic tribulations reflect comprehensively on the bases of teenage deliberation on committing suicide and actually…show more content…
The environment of the school and how the teen is treated in this environment will alter whether or not suicide is in their thoughts. In journal article Bullying and suicide “Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University” was a stated fact (Bullying and Suicide, Matt Dickson page 1). This provides readers with a understanding with the fact that kids who are verbally and physically harmed in their school environment, have a greater chance of considering suicide. This means that the school environment, in which a teen must be put through for 8 hours a day, will have a vast affect on their deeming of committing suicide. The second piece of evidence used from the same source stated “A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying” (Bullying and Suicide, Matt Dickson page 1). This study allows an understanding that about 50% of the youth society commits suicide because of bullying. From this a connection can be made that bullying in school is one thing that associates closely with the second leading cause of death for teens (Suicide is no joke, page 3). With this information taken as a whole, the reality that school is associated with teen suicide can be

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