Causes Of Teenage Depression Essay

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Teenagers and Depression

Teenagers experience a great deal of life changing events and some studies even suggest that the teenage years may be the most stressful time in people lives. Academics' are the most effective in teenage depression; putting in effort to make exceptional grades, pass exams and having enough credits to graduate. Another cause of teenage depression is sleep deprivation, which consist of unhealthy sleeping habits due to studying late and fitting in a healthy social life. Teenagers also have worries about money as far as how they will pay for school events and keeping up with fashion trends to fit in to society are the most popular ways of money worries. Then there are relationship concerns with family, friends, and boyfriends or girlfriends. You have to maintain a healthy relationship and find solutions to relationship problems. Finally, the uncertainty of their future is a big worry and deals with a teenager's mental health. If these issues
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Illicit drugs alter the mood and mind without solving the problems that the teen has. Use of illegal drugs usually only cause problems worse than the original problem. Sometimes to be able to stay up at night to do work teens will take pills or do drugs that give long-lasting energy but dries them out when it stops working and then they're not able to function because the sleepiness has overwhelmed the teen. The most common drugs in teens is marijuana which causes panic attacks and the caffeine in the drugs raises blood pressure levels. Then that's when teens turn to unhealthy eating habits because they are depressed and when a teen depressed either they're going to eat too much or eat too little. Teens are so overwhelmed with relationship concerns teens see eating a lot of unhealthy food like candy will make them feel better. Teens who are always on the go for school events eat a lot of fatty fast food which is unhealthy for the
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