Essay On The Causes Of Teenage Depression

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Uncovering the Roots Dr. Kathleen McCoy says, “Usually, teenage depression is not due to one factor alone but to a combination of stressors.” What is the main cause of teens’ depression? “A number of factors may cause teens’ depression. First of all, the physical and emotional changes brought on by puberty can flood youngsters with uncertainly and fear, making them think and act negatively. Youth also easily jump into the negative state of mind and become vulnerable to negative emotions when they feel rejected by society, parents or somebody that they love dearly.” As we know, we are living in perilous times, as the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:1. These problems that youngsters are facing: growing up, the pressures of life when they have neither the experience nor the skills to overcome them, should explain why they are so depressed. Therefore, they find themselves traveling in a completely unknown zone and getting…show more content…
The imbalance may be passed on from generation to generation (genetically). Researchers have also found that teenagers who have parents who suffer from depression are more likely to develop the condition themselves. Families Crises and Depression If you look at all the damage that depression is causing to families, I can only say that depression is a nightmare. As already said, family crises can also play a part. Dr. Mark S. Gold wrote, “Children whose parents abuse them are at great risk of depression.” So from what I’ve just read, if I understand it correctly—youngsters that parents abuse mentally, physically or focus on their inadequacy and are overly critical toward are at big risk. Depression can also result when parents are smothering and overprotective. Interestingly, however, a researcher found out that “children are even more prone to depression when parents simply show a lack of interest in

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