Causes Of Teenage Suicide Essay

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Suicide is a dominant cause of death among teenagers and young adults. The rate of suicides and suicide attempts increases from time to time. For some, suicide is the permanent solution to a temporary problem and most pressing public health issues across the world. Suicides case is so often these days even becoming a trend and we are not even flinch anymore. The depression and substances abuse for teenagers currently become issues that lead to suicide cases among teenagers. They cannot adapt with that situation and tends to solve it by attempting suicide. Teenagers commit suicide because they cannot cope with the stress related matter such as depression and substances abuse, but counseling session, reading and watching films, and also highest attention from parents can reduce the number of suicide from increasing day by day. The first causes that cause teenagers to attempt suicide are depression. Depression is one part of a large role in suicide. Teenagers sometimes had a period of depressing. They are usually stressed over something, such as some of them witnessing the pressure that was coming from all around their surroundings. The hardship of suicidal people have imagining a resolution to their sorrow is due in part to the misrepresented thinking caused by depression. The unimaginable pain the person is going to lead them to take their own life with frustration. A person with depression usually does not has the similar thinking with a healthy person. Because of this

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