Cause Of Teenage Suicide

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A teenage girl withdraws a glinting blade from a razor, and she smiles at it. Then, she looks at her wrist and presses the tip of the blade to the inside of her wrist without hesitation. She quickly slits her wrist. Watching the blood seeping through her fingers, tears slipping down her pale white cheeks. Together, vision is blurred, pulse is weak as she slowly feels like she’s fading away. According to the Oxford English Dictionary Online (1992), teenage suicide can be defined as the act of teenagers who are between 13 to 19 years old who kill themselves intentionally. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth in Malaysia (Lakshiny, 2015). Teenage suicide is a serious problem in our society and mainly caused by bullying, domestic…show more content…
It is related to violent behaviours such as intimidation, drubbing, sexual assault and emotional abuse exerted by a person to another in a household. It is undeniable that domestic violence is closely associated with the increased risk of suicidal behaviour among adolescents. According to Dube et al. (2001, p.3089), adverse childhood experiences may increase the chances of attempted suicide 2-to-5 fold during adolescence or adulthood compared with an ordinary person. This is probably due to the chaotic emotional state arises from domestic violence which impels them to commit suicide. As a result of long term exposure to domestic violence, they feel powerless, thereby suicide appears to be the only getaway from the miserable situations. As stated in Malaysian Digest (“Dad Raped Me, Mom Just Stood By And Let It Happen”, 2016), “a girl attempted suicide when she was 17 years old to escape from the horrors of a 15-year cycle of sexual, physical and emotional abuse by her biological father, according to the Sydney Morning Herald”. Hence, domestic violence gives a negative impact towards teenagers that can prompt them to commit…show more content…
According to Nordqist (2015), stress is anything that have a challenge or a threat to our well-being. Nowadays, academic stress among teenagers increases due to the high standard of education. Almost 600 to 800 students between the ages of 15 to 24 commit suicide annually in the United Kingdom. The rise of suicide rate among teenagers correlates with the increase in academic pressure (Borba, 2009). Besides, life-changing events such as parents divorcing will also cause teenage suicide as they will blame themselves for the issue between their parents. Thus, they assume their parents will be happier without their existence (Campbell, 2017). Relationship breakups will add up to teenagers’ pressure because they are still immature to handle their emotions. The feelings of insecure and dependence will derive when they end their intimate relationships which may result in having suicidal thoughts. Consequently, to resolve the teenage suicidal problem that increases gradually nowadays, teenagers need to find initiatives to release their

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