Race Riots In The 1960's

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Thesis From the mid 1910s to the early 1960s there were many riots that occured, because of racial tensions built up between the the whites and the blacks world wide. Coming from Will Brown being accused of rapping a young white girl, and to Eugene Williams having rocks thrown at him causing him to drown. Segregation at this time was unjustified due to racism still being heavily considered as the right thing to do. These riots caused the United States to be even more segregated, due to unequal rights and no laws being created at the time to help and protect African Americans. During these riots there were cases of police brutality and whites being able to do whatever they choose to do, because they felt as if it was a justified reason to stop the African Americans from rioting. The 1919 Race Riot…show more content…
The defeat caused major rioting due to Jack Johnson being African American beating a white top heavyweight champion. The riots caused by the win of Jack Jefferies had hundreds of African Americans to be brutally mistreated and seriously injured. There are records shown that there were only 11-26 people killed during this riot. And so this influenced racial tension already believed to be existing in society. Before 1919, when World War 1, ending in the late 1918s the African Americans who had risked their lives fighting for freedom, and equal rights as the whites received the rights they deserved under the law. Also during the World War 1, there was a great population shift from the rural cities in the South to the cities in the North. This period is known as the Great Migration from 1916 to 1970. This era ties back to my thesis because it shows how after 1919 African Americans still suffered from unequal rights and awful job
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