Causes Of The 900 Club Essay

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The 900 club is a club for people who have reached the weight of 900 pounds or more. Many americans struggle maintaining a healthy weight or are obese. These people who have reached 900 pounds have struggled with weight most of their life and at one point they stopped caring and let it spiral out of control. 60% of americans are overweight and ⅓ of americans are obese. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of health problems Obesity is the result of both biological and psychological factors. Most of the people in the 900 club started their weight gain at a young age, some people even dropped out of school because they could not control their weight. Many of these people are or were immobile. They stay in bed everyday and do nothing, some…show more content…
Our ancestors used to eat fatty foods for the caloric value, unlike most people who eat sweets for personal pleasure, they needed these foods to live and thrive. The calories in sweets today and typically nutrient free and we do not require as many calories as our ancestors did. Many people also turned to food when they were going through a tough situation. They would eat to avoid stress and their problems. This is an environmental cause, something around them would causes a problem and then cause them to over eat unhealthy food. Biology also plays a major role in obesity. 10% of children without obese parents become obese throughout their lifetime, compared to the 40% of children who have one obese parent that become obese and the 70% of children with two obese parents that become obese. Fat is stored as adipose cells, when these cells get filled you do not get hungry. When people gain weight, because of their genetic predisposition, childhood eating patterns, or overeating, their adipose cells increase and it is hard to get rid of them, so they need to eat more in order to feel
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