Causes Of The Age Of Enlightenment

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Many people are unaware of the underlying aspects and feelings that lead to the eventual revolutionary wars in the United States and in France. Any student from 8th grade forward can give the basic reasons, taxes, unjust rule, and the sort, however they don’t understand the larger picture about what was happening around the world. This period time is typically referred to as the “Age of Reason,” or “Age of Enlightenment.”

During this “Age of Enlightenment” the citizens of countries around the world were starting to question what they were learning and under the influence of. People started to wonder about the institutionalized thoughts and religions in their countries, and began to oppose their governments. This brought about distrust in many communities and schools, as well as churches and places of worship. People began to preach on the streets and teach their own knowledge, or have secret groups plotting against the mainstream/institutionalized ideas. The ruling elites couldn’t have these people spreading opposition, and started to take action against these out-standing characters.
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A few of the things they were fighting for were, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, equal rights in comparison to British soldiers, a self regulated economy, etc. This was the first major upset of the ruling elites, which helped influence many future events. Within 10 years of the ending of this American Revolution, the French Revolution was in full swing. The French people were fighting for their own rights, and replacing their King/Queen. The French people fought for many of the same exact ideas, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, better regulation of the economy,
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